Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Bloomers

     Springtime's Beauty

One of the great things about Living the Country Life is the awesome array of Springtime Bloomers.

Whether this be an array of Wild, Running Roses that have been transplanted to run along the back fence in pink and white colors;

Whether it be clusters of Roses in front of lattice work near the garage with an occasional Yellow Daylilly, backed up by the soft white blooms of some Bridal Wreath;

or if it be the beautiful Orange Rose blooming along the back fence that has several days of it's beauty;

or be it the beauty of the Azaleas on the island of the pond with their beauty reflecting in the still waters;

or the beautiful lavender blossoms of the Wisteria vines in the front yard;

or the long blossom filled branches of Bridal Wreath and Snowball blossoms in front of the old Smokehouse;

or a bouquet of the yellow Daffodils from all around the front yards at:

Lonesome Pine Farm near Millry, AL is a time of beauty to behold in the early springtime.  

There are many blooming plants here in all seasons of the year but the Spring Bloomers awaken you to the new year's beauty that takes you away from the cold, windy, rainy and occasionally some snowfall from the Winter season and makes one want to get out amongst all that beauty, maybe with a good cup of coffee out in the swing in the afternoons to just soak in the Springtime.

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  1. What a beautiful sight to see this day. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.