Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Townfolk Enjoying the Country

Some Town Folk Love Country Connection

What you're looking at will be a surprise as you try to figure out the use of this ornamental "House!"

 Still no real clue as to the use of this
ornamental building?
Well, surprise, surprise!!  It is a "Chicken House!"  

Some town folk that own their old home place some 15 miles away from where they live in town, have their old house that seems to be in excellent condition.  

In addition to the house, they have an ornate building that is stained a light olive with red frames that appear to be a door and windows.  No real door nor window in the road (west) side of the building.
 The chicken yard is very secure with "chicken" fencing all around the sides and over the top.  This is to keep the chickens inside and varmints outside for the protection of the chickens. 
There is a ramp for the chicks to walk up into the house.  I'm not quite sure how the "trap door" is to be opened to allow the chicks to get outside, then back inside.  I assume that the door must be opened or closed by use of a rope, but I'm not sure what the chicks will do to get in or out when no one is at home.

It is apparent that there will be laying hens in the house as is apparent by the premanufactured laying nests along the left side.  

Also, there is a trap door to the outside where the owners may harvest the eggs that are layed in those nests.  

Along the right side near floor level, there is another trap door that will allow the owners to "rake out" the manure and collect it for garden fertilizer, etc. 

There are currently thirty half grown chicks in there now.

Now, lets get down to security.  All the way around the yard fence and all the way around the house there are solid concrete walls three feet down into the soil to prevent varmints from digging under the fence or walls to get to the chicks from below!

As noted in the pics, this will  also be trimmed in red and stained the same light olive as the storage building to the east side of the house.  

When the workers that are building the house and another large storage building how much this chicken house cost, they said that they still don't have all the figures in, but it will run from $5,500 to $6,000 when complete.

Folks!  That'll be some EXPENSIVE fresh yard eggs when it is in full operation!!!!!

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